Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Not Perfect Hat Club BlogIT Week 2

Students were asked to complete the following questions in relation to The Not Perfect Hat Club Text by Jena Ball. Additional activities for this week can be found on the NPHCBlogit website.

1. Do you have a nickname? Do you like it? Why or why not? If you could give yourself a nickname what would it be?

Yes I do have a nickname and it is called Mitch and I do like it . If I would want a new nickname and it will be called Awesome Mitch.
My nickname is JEFFRO, I like it because it's cool.
People call me Zo Zo. I like it because they mean it in a nice way.
My nickname is Jazzy. I like my nickname because lots of people call me that. I would choose Stampy Cat because like playing minecraft.
Yes I have a nickname it is Remy the Raring Riot or Rem I don't know what nickname I would have if I made one up.
My nicknames are Logie, Little, Litsy, and Cowps I only like Cowps. My nickname I made up would be LC
I don't want to have a great nickname well I don't even have a nickname. I was just thinking about it and maybe it could be Joel the joker.
The nickname that my brother and sister call me is snotface. I don't like it because it hurts my feelings and it makes me angry.
I have a nickname. I like my nickname because my initials equal my nickname. If I could choose my nickname it would be Emma ELF.
My sister called me boo. I like that name boo because I like Yogi bear. My nickname would be super boo.

2. Why do you think Newton couldn’t stop himself from jumping the fence? Have you ever done something you didn’t expect to do? Tell us about it.”

Newton couldn't stop because he was so hyped to catch the mean bird calling him names. Something I didn't expect was Lust year I didn't think I would get so much presents from Santa but I was suprised.
Newton didn't stop because he was mad and angry at the bird. He wanted to payback the bird for calling him names. Paybacks are not good but sometimes I unexpectedly hurt my brother when he teases me.
I think he couldn't stop because the bird was teasing him and he was angry. I didn't expect when I went bowling to win 203 tickets. My prize was great!
I think he jumped the fence and kept on running because maybe he was still frustrated about Carl. I can remember I did something I wouldn't expect to do. I stole some cream from a shop with my friend, I felt so bad.
The crow was teasing him and made him feel sad and frustrated. He ran at the fence and pounced at the bird and jumped over the fence. I didn't expect to win the Public Speaking competition in 2015.
Newton was so upset with the bird calling him names he could not help but lash out. My brother was building a Samurai X set. He tried forever to build it and then he just gave up. Then I couldn't believe he would just walk away from it. I made the decision I had to build it for my brother to prove to him that I was smart and able to work out the problem.
I think he couldn't stop himself because he needed to let all of his energy out.
Newton couldn't stop himself because the crow was annoying him and Newton was annoyed, angry at the same time so he could get the crow. I have done something I did not expect to do. Last year I kept on saying I would not try Rep Basketball. It turned out I did try out and got in!
He couldn't stop running because he was excited to go to the park and play. I got in the man of the match in soccer when I didn't try my best.

3. Newton jumps the fence at the end of Chapter 6. Can you imagine what will happen next? Write a short paragraph describing what you imagine Newton does.

I think he will run all over the street chasing the bird. Newton gets lost. His owners find his footprints and follow them. It will lead them to him. Newton is sitting and panting and scratching the bird. They took the bird and let it go back to its home and then they went back home to.
I think Newton goes and sees some dogs without collars on. The dogs chase Newton. Then he jumps in a house and he is safe. There was an old lady in the house, she gave Newton a bath because he was dirty.
Maybe Newton goes far away and he decides to go back home and know one is home.
Newton splatter on the ground with a big BOOM! He ran as fast as the flash. He had to jump another fence and landed on the play equipment at the park. The crow landed in front of him and said "you can't catch me you big fat furball!' Newton was mad. He opened up his claws as the bird was about to fly away. Newton grabbed the bird and pulled him back and stamped on him with his paw. The crow could never call him a furball ever again because he's dead! Sad ending I know.
If I was Newton I would have run as fast as I could. I would have tried to capture the bird and teach it a lesson because it was swooping me and calling me names.
I imagine that he is going to the park because he needed to run around a lot.
When Newton jumps the fence he goes to the park. Carl and Midge follow him. When the arrive Newton is happy and running around the dog park and Midge follows his example. They have lots of fun together. When it starts to get dark Carl takes them both home.
Newton jumps the fence and runs to the park. The bird got away. The dog catcher from the Pound came and took him away. He removed Newton's collar so nobody would know his name or where he lived. A family goes to the Pound to find a new pet. They saw Newton and decided they wanted to take him home. When they took him home their neighbours came over to play. The neighbours saw Newton and realised he was their dog. They showed them a photo to prove he was theirs and took him home.